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Stolen Pearls

Oyster Duo, with Nicholas Schwartz

On Stolen Pearls, double bassist Nicholas Schwartz and pianist Anna Fedorova present repertoire originally written for other instruments. On this recording, they bring home a rich booty of musical discoveries, ‘stolen pearls’ from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. From Argentina, Germany, Austria, the USA, Russia and Italy by composers such as Ginastera, Schumann, Gershwin and Bloch.

"The pieces on this album are some of the favorites of our repertoire over the last 5 years. We chose music which, although not written for the double bass, naturally suits it and enhances it with its deep and rich tones. The music highlights the vocal qualities, diverse genre styles and virtuoso capabilities of the instrument and its player."

- Nicholas & Anna

"A thrilling set. This well-rehearsed repertoire sounds fabulous, from the impact and delicacy of Fedorova’s piano to the rich resonance of Schwartz’s bass, all captured beautifully in the studio by Jochem Geene." - Andrew Everard, HiFiCritic

"Judicious arrangements. This instrument effortlessly replaces the human voice. Cleanly and clearly recorded, this is a release intent on taking such a partnership into the mainstream." - Richard Whitehouse, Gramophone

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