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Rachmaninoff: Piano Concertos and Other Works

Rachmaninoff Box Set

“As I am writing this, we are almost one year into the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Many people think we should not perform Russian music for a while, but I find performing Rachmaninoff’s music very important nowadays, not just because his music is so beautiful, powerful and emotionally fulfilling, but also because of his story: he himself was a victim of the Russian state. During the 1917 revolution, he was forced to flee his home country with his family and then spent the rest of his life in the USA. His music is a glorious part of humanity’s shared heritage and we need Rachmaninoff by our side fighting for life, humanity and all that is good in this world!”

- Anna Fedorova, February 2023


"This always musical playing is also collaborative. One can often sense that the pianist, the conductor and solo instrumentalists listen to each other. Take the tenderly expressive first statements of the big tune in the finale of the Second Concerto, ahead of the later apotheosis, and there is no overdone rubato even then. Rachmaninov can sound tasteful, even restrained, in these hands."

"Fedorova has her own brand of pianistic charisma, and her cycle is very well worth hearing."

- Roy Westbrook

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